Taylor AV provides a wide range of staging solutions including mobile stages,
Truss structures, and custom builds

Stageline SL250

Introducing the Stageline SL250: Your Portable Stage Solution. With a durable build and hydraulic setup, it offers a safe platform for events. Its modular design adapts to various needs. Measurements: 32 feet wide, 24 feet deep, and 20 feet high. Perfect for concerts, festivals, and more.

Stageline SL75

Introducing the Stageline SL75: Your Compact Mobile Stage Solution. With a sturdy build and easy setup, it’s perfect for smaller events. Measurements: 24 feet wide, 16 feet deep, and 14 feet high. Ideal for concerts, community gatherings, and beyond

22 x 24 Mobile Stage

With a compact design and simple setup, This mobile stage is perfect for a variety of events. Measurements: 22 feet wide, 24 feet deep. Versatile and reliable, it’s ideal for concerts, festivals, and community gatherings

24 x 14 Mobile Stage

With a modest footprint and easy setup, this stage is perfect for smaller events. Measurements: 24 feet wide, 14 feet deep. Versatile and reliable, it’s ideal for small concerts, presentations, and gatherings

Mobile Studio Suite

Introducing the Mobile Studio Suite: Your All-in-One Solution for On-Location Comfort and Convenience

Transform any filming location into a hub of productivity and luxury with our state-of-the-art Mobile Studio Suite. Designed to meet the diverse needs of VIP events as well as film and television productions, this 24′ x 40′ trailer is equipped with everything you need to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for cast and crew alike.

Featuring an onboard generator, HVAC, heating, power, and lights, the Mobile Studio Suite is a self-contained unit that can adapt to any environment. Whether you’re shooting in the scorching heat or the freezing cold, rest assured that our trailer will provide a comfortable and climate-controlled retreat for everyone involved. With our Mobile Studio Suite, you can take your production to the next level.

Truss Structures

Trussing has a place in almost any event. Whether it’s your tradeshow booth, stage design, event decor, or finish line, we provide truss for all occasions. With our team of trained techs, Taylor AV  is equipped to provide the trussing you need to take your show to the next level.

Stage Decks & Risers

Taylor AV offers a variety of staging solutions. Individual decks come in 4’x8’,  6’x8’, 4’x4’,  & 3’x8’ sections, with choir riser options available. Using individual decks, we can help design the perfect stage to suit your event’s needs.

Set the stage

Take the first step towards an unforgettable event experience by contacting us today. Our team is eager to provide you with a detailed consultation and present you with a staging rental solution that matches your vision and budget. Call now, and let’s set the stage for an event that’s nothing short of spectacular!

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