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Planning a successful event can be hard enough indoors, let alone outside. If you’re planning an outdoor or seasonal event, Taylor Audio Visual has a wide selection of lighting options to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for wash lighting, spot lighting, uplighting, ambient mood lighting, or special effects, Taylor AV has the equipment and expertise to make it happen.


If you’re planning a concert, corporate training, charity dinner, or any event that requires a stage, you’re going to want professional stage lighting. Our lighting professionals will ensure that you’ll have the exact setup you need to draw the audience’s attention and keep them captivated. Don’t be left in the dark—let our seasoned team help with stage lighting for your next event!

Taylor AV offers a wide variety of staging options for Indoor and outdoor events – contact us for info.


If you’re planning a party, having the correct lighting is the most surefire way to set the mood. Moving lights, lasers, and special effects keep your guests in the vibe all night long. Giving your patrons the time of their lives has everything to do with the experience you provide, so make sure their visual experience is memorable with professional lighting. Contact us to get in touch with one of our lighting experts today!


Whether you’re looking for accent lighting or something more upbeat, we have the setup for you. The best way to transform an ordinary room into an engaging atmosphere is to use creative lighting design.  Wether you have a vision for your event or are still putting it together, our in-house AV professionals will work with you to get the best design possible for your budget.

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